• We Need Alternatives To Carbon Energy Climate change threatens the planet's living systems. We must find a better way.
  • Destroying Our Public Lands is Not The Answer Industrial concentrating solar may guarantee profits for Big Energy, but it's no way to a sane energy future.
  • There Is A Better Way We can change our energy use without destroying fragile landscapes like this one.
  • We Must Reduce Our Consumption Energy efficiency measures could cut our power consumption by one third.
  • Generate Power Where It's Used Decentralized, distributed power generation makes sense, saves money, and protects wildlands.

Habitat destruction threatens the diversity of life on our planet. Renewable energy strategies that damage habitat only make the problem worse. Distributed generation such as rooftop solar is the faster, cheaper, cleaner and more effective way of meeting our energy needs in the next century.

Sign our Call to Action for Energy Democracy

Demand a more cost-effective, faster, less damaging, and more democratic path to renewable energy. Help us move renewable energy development off our ecologically rich public lands and onto rooftops and elsewhere in the built environment. To read our Call To Action and learn how you or your organization can sign on, visit this page.

Wrong From The Start

Read our analysis of the Obama administration's fundamentally flawed public lands solar policy, its potentially devastating impact on public lands, its inefficiencies both economic and technical, and its lack of legal justification.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Aren't you just NIMBYs?"

"Don't desert tortoises secretly want more shade from solar panels?"

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