October 20, 2010

Solar in the news

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Solar Done Right is making itself known in the press and other media. We’re grateful for a prominent link on the Counterpunch site, which sent many sympathetic readers our way. Thanks, Counterpunch! SDR was also quoted to good effect in an article on the online solar trade journal site, in part due to our readers letting others know we’re here. Thanks, and keep it up!

A pair of stories in the Riverside Press-Enterprise highlight burgeoning issues with the destructive and ill-advised Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System: the biological contractors are finding more tortoises than expected on the site, and Native opposition to the site is growing.

That opposition failed to gain a potentially powerful ally last week, as the Sierra Club’s Board of Directors voted not to sue over Ivanpah. The decision angered many grassroots Club activists (example here) . The repercussions of the Club’s support of misguided industrial development on our irreplaceable wildlands will likely be significant and enduring.

Failures by the Sierra Club notwithstanding, representatives of desert Native people held a successful Spirit Run in the Ivanpah Valley last weekend, with three dozen people in attendance at the closing ceremony on the Ivanpah Dry Lake bed — directly between the sites of the Ivanpah SEGS and the proposed First Solar Silver State site, approved last week by the Department of the Interior. Video of the event shot by filmmaker Robert Lundahl, including an interview with SDR’s Jim Andre of the Granite Mountains Desert Research Center, is embedded below.

Solar Gold: Ivanpah Spirit Run from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.